“Train up a child in the way he should go; And when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6
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Hours of Operation Redeemer Child Care Center opens at 6:45 AM and closes at 6:30 PM. Staff cannot accept children into the Center prior to 6:45 AM. Doors are locked promptly at 6:30 PM. Arrival and Departure Children are expected to be escorted by an adult into the building and taken to a classroom and received by the staff member of the Center. Children are required to stay with a staff person until an adult authorized picks up the child from the staff person. Written notification or a phone call is required if someone other than the designated person on the Emergency Form will pick up your child. There is a daily attendance sheet on the table by the front entrance. Your child is to be signed in and out with times and a signature.
News Letter Admissions Policy Admission consideration will be given to all students without regard to race, ethnicity, or gender. In keeping with the Christian values of our church and the high value which it places on the family, the Redeemer Child Care Center (RCCC) will give priority admissions consideration to siblings of currently enrolled students. This policy assists in keeping brothers and sisters together and eases the burden on families with more than one young child. Admissions of all students other than those related to currently enrolled students will be on the basis of first received completed application for admission. Applications of student with special education needs will be considered on a case by case basis by the RCCC Board. Each such application much include a signed statement by the student's parents, guardian or other legally responsible adult stating that he/she/they realize and accept the fact that the RCCC is not fully equipped and its staff has not received specialized training to handle special needs student. Enrollment Eligibility Redeemer Child Care Center has child care and developmental programs for three (3) and four (4) year olds, full-time and part-time. They should be three or four years old by September 1st to enter the program in September. Potty training is mandatory for all ages. Our School ager program consists of Kindergarten through sixth grades. The schools that we service at this time are Yorktown Elementary and Grace Baptist Christian School.


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